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About TV Rename


As ongoing work on the TV Rename guide continues Version 2.3.2 of the software has just been released.

This is a bug-fix release for Version 2.3, recent changes include the move away from using TheTVDB’s XML interface to their new JSON v2 API, and numerous changes around entering show information.

Maintaining the documentation will always be ongoing, keeping the content accurate, up to date and relevant as TV Rename evolves can be tricky but any suggestions for improvements, or offers of help are more than welcome.

What TV Rename isn’t

OK, before we get into all the really cool stuff TV Rename can do, let’s get what it doesn’t do out of the way…

TV Rename does NOT download TV Shows (But it can help you find TV Shows to download!)

What TV Rename is

On the surface TV Rename will “fix” the names of downloaded TV Show files…

Say you’ve downloaded a few TV Show episodes, they will probably have names like: -


But you want them automatically renamed including the show and episode name and the season and episode number like: -

Grey’s Anatomy - S03E04 - What I Am.avi

…then this is the tool for you!

But wait… There’s more!

TV Rename can: -

“Media Library” - a folder (or folders) somewhere on your PC or NAS or whatever, with a bunch of TV Show files in it (them).

Once TV Rename knows about your Media Library it can: -

To do all this clever stuff TV Rename makes extensive use of data from, without their database and API this tool would not exist! Please support them!