The Scan Options Tab

Preferences - the Scan Options tab This tab in conjunction with data from the µTorrent / NZB tab controls the Scan tabs checks and actions.

The settings in here are more or less self explanatory, however remember that the µTorrent / NZB tab must be populated before the µTorrent and SABnzdb options can be used, and, similarly the RSS/JSON Search must be populated before the RSS and JSON options can be used.

NOTE: If you use a NAS device as your media library and it is Linux based it has an epoch date of 01/01/1970 00:00. Files cannot have a date/time-stamp earlier than this. If you have any TV Show episodes whose original release date was earlier than this and you have the “Update files and folders with air date” box ticked they will be set to 01/01/1970 00:00 to prevent repeated detection and attempts to change during scans.

Scan checks Rename Check Ticked
and actions Prevent move of flies Un-ticked
  Missing Check Ticked
  Look in “Search Folders” for missing files Ticked
  Copy files, don’t move Un-ticked
  Check µTorrent queue Un-ticked
  Check SABnzdb queue Un-ticked
  Check qBittorrent queue Un-ticked
  Search RSS for missing files Un-ticked
  Search JSON for missing files Un-ticked
Folder Creation Automatically create missing folders Un-ticked
Additional Actions Update files and folders with air date Un-ticked
  Automatically create merge rules for merged downloaded episodes Un-ticked
  Automatically create merge rules for merged library episodes Un-ticked
  Update episodes when higher quality ones found Ticked