The Subtitles Tab

Preferences - the Subtitles tab The Subtitles tab is used to tell TV Rename how to handle subtitle files in your collection.

The Retain Language Specific Subtitles tick box (when ticked) tells TV Rename to retain subtitle files containing two or three letter language codes. For example: -


Subtitles must be of the form *.language.extension, where language is 2 or 3 characters.

Default: ticked

Subtitle files come in a number of guises of which one of the most common is a .sub file. These are text files structured in a way that media players can establish the start time, finish time and content of a subtitle and display it. Quite often sources for these files give them a .txt extension, for example: BigBuckBunny.txt. Ticking the “Rename .txt to .sub” option will tell TV Rename to rename these files when copied or moved.

Default: Un-ticked