The Tree Coloring Tab

Preferences - the Tree Coloring tab If you have a large catalogue of old TV Shows that you want to keep on the system, the My Shows tab can be somewhat cluttered, but you don’t want to remove anything from TV Rename. Tree Coloring to the rescue…

Tree coloring allows you to change the color of the text on the left hand pane of the My Shows tab depending on the status of the show or the show season.

To create a record:-

  • Expand the “Status:” drop-down and select the status you wish to match from the list.
  • Select a color to associate with the status by either entering a web-safe color name or code in the “Text Color:” box or clicking Select Colour and choosing from the pallet.
  • Click the Add button and your new entry will appear the box above.

For example: to make finished shows less obtrusive in My Shows expand the “Status:” drop-down and select “Show Status: Ended”, in the “Text Color:” box type “#808080” and click Add. Back in the My Shows tab; text for shows that have finished will be light grey and less obtrusive.

If you wish to remove a rule from the list just select it and click Remove.