The µTorrent / NZB Tab

Preferences - the µTorrent / NZB tab Some of the contents of this tab are used in conjunction with the Scan Options tab.

“The Torrent RSS URLs:” can be any suitable RSS-feeds provided by indexers or public RSS websites and are used to search for missing files.

Add and Remove allow you to add and remove feeds, and Open presents the highlighted feed in a web browser.

TV Rename can check both µTorrent and SABnzbd queues and uses the information on this tab to know where to look for more information.

Both the “Host Port” and “API Key” are required to use this functionality in SABnzbd.

If you use µTorrent, TV Rename needs to know the “Application” and “resume.dat” paths, (they can be found with the Browse buttons) so it can detect if files are queued or in the process of being downloaded.