Once a scan is complete, TV Rename will identify files to move/copy/rename and additional files to download/create. For episodes that are still missing, TV Rename will try and find them for you.


There are 6 places it could search:

  • File System – If found it will remove the episode from the missing list and move the file into the correct place.

  • RSS Feed for torrent links, JSON Web page for torrent links – If found then it will download the torrent file. (via uTorrent or qBittorrent) See The RSS/JSON Search Tab for more information about configuration.

  • SABnzbd, uTorrent, qBittorrent – If found it will mark it as downloading so you know not to try and find the item again. See The Torrents/NZB Tab for more informaiton.

How to write a Regex for TV Rename

Firstly, get acquainted with what a regular expression is - these sites will help:

Once you understand Regular Expressions and ‘Named Groups’ in particular then all you need to know is that TV Rename looks for 3 named groups:

  • S – The number series the file relates to.

  • E – The Episode number the file relates to.

  • F – (optional) If specified and if it matches then this is the max episode number that the file matches. It is used for instances when a file matches multiple episodes.

For Example: ‘S01E01-03’ would indicate that the file represents Series 1 and is episodes 1-3. In this case S=1, E=1 and F=3.

Finding Rules

Note that if a file matches multiple missing files, or multiple files match one missing episode no action is taken. TV Rename will raise a warning in the log files and allow the user to manually link the file to the missing episode.

Further Information

Further information can be found here and here.

Future Ideas

There is a related “Feature Suggestion” on our Idea Wall here.