Filename Template Editor

The Filename Template Editor tab This is where the format of the filenames that TV Rename will rename to are defined.

To help illustrate the results the “Sample and Test:” panel contains the processed entries from the show and season selected in the My Shows tab.

The “Naming template:” text box displays a tokenised version of the filename which can be edited directly or populated using the “Tags:” drop-down, or overwritten with a record selected from the “Presets:” drop-down. Any changes in the “Naming Template:” are automatically reflected in the “Sample and Test:” panel.

The available tags with their definitions are listed below: -

{ShowName} Name of the Show
{Season} Number of the season
{Season:2} Number of the season forced to 2 characters with a leading zero
{Episode} Number of the episode (within a season), eg S01E03
{Episode2} Number of the second episode of a pair (within a season), eg S01E04-E05
  created by the default S{Season:2}E{Episode}[-E{Episode2}])
{EpisodeName} Name of the Episode
{Number} Overall number of the episode
{Number:2} Overall number of the episode forced to 2 characters with a leading zero
{Number:3} Overall number of the episode forced to 3 characters with leading zero(s)
{ShortDate} Air date in short format, eg 25/12/2017
{LongDate} Air date in lomg format, eg 25 December 2017
{YMDDate} Air date in YMD format, eg 2017/12/25
{AllEpisodes} All episodes - E01E02 etc
Default: {ShowName} - S{Season:2}E{Episode}[-E{Episode2}] - {EpisodeName}
  (the second preset).