If you are having problems with TV Rename or maybe someone on the forum has asked you about the content of your log file you have a couple of options…

If you are happy navigating through the windows file structure the log file (TVRename.log) can be found in: -

\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TV Rename\log\

However, if you are uncomfortable doing this there is a handy entry in the Help menu (Help>Log).

This will either “tee” the log data (as it happens) into a new window so you can read it or copy the relevant bits for pasting in a forum message.

To use this feature click Help>Log first and then run the action (a Scan for example) you wish to monitor/capture.

Optionally, if you wish to view the entire log file clicking the View Full Log button in the bottom right corner of the window will open the file in Notepad.

More detailed information about the logs can be found in the Technical Guide.