Configuration Files

By default, all the configuration information and locally cached data from TheTVDB is stored in a series of XML files under the users Application folder (unless overridden using the command line option /userfilepath). They are stored at: -


If you wish to make a backup of your TV Rename setup a copy of this folder is all you need!

It contains:

TVRenameSettings.xml Everything else not mentioned is stored in here. All your shows, media library paths, folder structures and settings. This is only overwritten when you choose File>Save.
TheTVDB.xml The locally cached show season and episode information for everything listed in the My Shows tab.
Layout.xml TV Rename’s window position and size as well as column widths.
Statistics.xml TV Rename’s historical statistics.
Languages.xml TV Rename’s cache of possible languages to cover.

And stores the following backups (10 of each):

TVRenameSettings.xml.0-9 Backup copies of TV Rename settings.xml (FIFO).
TheTVDB.xml.0-9 A maximum of ten backup copies of TheTVDB.xml file. A new file gets created here every time the system gets updates from theTVDB on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis.