The Search Folders Tab

Preferences - the Search Folders tab Search Folders tell TV Rename where to look for TV Show episode files BEFORE they are processed and copied or moved to the media library.

The functionality of the first five tick boxes requires little explanation.

Look in “Search Folders” for missing files enables the search functionality when ticked.

Copy files, don’t move, if ticked will tell TV Rename to copy and files to the media library leaving the originals intact.

Automatically create merge rules based on files in Search Folders is similar to the functionality found in Library Folders except the appropriate record is created before moving/copying the file rather than after.

Monitor folders for changes, if ticked, will trigger a scan if Windows detects a change in any of the source folders.

Copy future dated episodes found in Search Folders handles files that are found to exist before their release date.

  Look in “Search Folders” for missing files Ticked
    Copy files, don’t move Un-ticked
  Automatically create merge rules based on files in Search Folders Un-ticked
  Monitor folders for changes Un-ticked
  Copy future dated episodes found in Search Folders Un-ticked

The Search Folders window allows you to add, delete or check the paths to your search folders.

Logical entries in here would be your downloads folder (if you download TV show episodes from the internet) or maybe your desktop (if you rip TV show episodes from DVD or Blu-ray). Or both!

Three buttons are available. Add opens an explorer style window so you can browse to the folder location you wish to add and click OK, Remove removes a highlighted row from the panel and Open opens an explorer window targeting the row highlighted in the panel.

The Auto Add: section comes in to play when the Preferences>Search Folders - Notify when new shows are found option is ticked.

The Movie Terms: text box helps TV Rename identify “types” of video file.

Default: dvdrip;camrip;screener;dvdscr;r5;bluray

The Ignore Suffixes: text box tells TV Rename to ignore the specified suffixes.

Default: 1080p;720p

Update episodes when higher quality ones found: tells TV&nbsp:;Rename to replace files in the video library with higher quality versionbs if they are found.

Default: Un-ticked

The final two options act as “helpers” for TV Rename when replacing videos that already exist in the library.

The Priority override terms: text box defines the “hints” used to determine if a video has been improved at source.

Default: PROPER;REPACK;RERIP (Note the semicolon delimiter).

Consider a file better if it is X% higher resolution/longer tells TV Rename to replace an existing library file if the newly found version is higher resolution and/or longer.

Default: 10%