The Search Folders Tab

Preferences - the Search Folders tab The Search Folders tab is used to tell TV Rename where to look for TV show episode files BEFORE they are processed. Logical entries in here would be your downloads folder (if you download TV show episodes from the internet) or maybe your desktop (if you rip TV show episodes from DVD or Blu-ray). Or both!

Three buttons are available at the bottom of the tab. Add opens an explorer style window so you can browse to the folder location you wish to add and click OK, Remove removes a highlighted row from the panel and Open opens an explorer window targeting the row highlighted in the panel.

At the top of the tab the “Scan Type” radio buttons tell TV Rename the type of scan to perform when searching for new shows.

Full A full scan of all shows and seasons.
Recent A Scan of all the shows that have aired recently. !
Quick Scan the shows that have aired recently and have a missing episode in the library. Also check the locations specified in Options>Preferences - Search Folders for any matching media files.

Ticking “Scan on Startup” tells TV Rename to perform the selected scan when the program starts, ticking “Scheduled scan…” will force a repeat scan every “X” hours and finally, ticking “Monitor folders for changes” will tell TV Rename to “listen” for Windows “dropping” new files in the identified locations.

Defaults: “Scan Type” Full
  “Scan on Startup” Un-ticked
  “Scheduled scan every” Un-ticked - 1 hour
  “Monitor folders for changes” Un-ticked