What are “the developers” thinking?

Good question… It’s one I quite often ask as well!

There are a couple of places you can look to find out.

Firstly, there is TV Rename itself. Hidden away in the Options>Preferences General tab is a “Mode:” drop down which is probably set to “Production”. Changing this to “Beta” will make a new Beta menu appear between Tools and Help. This menu will give you access to functionality that is being developed for future inclusion.

Note: If you change the mode to “Beta”, you may find that you start to get alerts for new test versions (Betas and Release Candidates) of the software. If you’d like to try a newer version that may still have a bug or two then please go ahead and do the upgrade, otherwise setting “Mode:” back to “Production” will stop the alerts.

Additionally, for a longer term view of what’s going on you can visit the “Roadmap” which will give you a high level view of whats planned for when.