The Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab Here, you can further manipulate the way data from The TVDB is handled as it is merged into the local data.

The “Use DVD order” tick box comes into play when the episodes aired on TV in a different order to those presented on the DVD. The TVDB usually has details of these orders and this tick box allows you to choose your preference for the current show. A Really good example of this is the 1967 ITV show “The Prisoner”, which, whilst it was written as one season of seventeen episodes still causes as much controversy (and argument) over it’s running order today as it did when it was originally released.

The “Show next airdate in When to Watch” tick box toggles the display of the shows “Future” and “Later” episodes in the When to Watch tab.

The “Specials count as episodes” tick box is useful with shows such as “Mythbusters” where specials are often counted as normal episodes.

The “Do Renaming” tick box tells TV Rename to use the names built using the Options>Filename Template Editor when copying or moving files if it is ticked, otherwise they will be left unchanged.

The “Do missing check” tick-box enables or disables the ability to check for missing episodes, if the option is ticked some degree of granularity is provided by the “Include future episodes” and “Include no airdate” tick-boxes.

“Use sequential number matching” will match episodes based on their overall airing order. Because this can cause a large number of false matches, the box is un-ticked by default.

For example, Season 4 Episode 9 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the 75th episode aired, so with this option enabled “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 75 - Broken Promises.mkv” will be seen at S04E09.

The “Manual/Additional Folders” section allows you to manually add and remove additional Seasons and associated folders.