Scan Types

There are 4 types of scan:

  • Single Show – A single show can be scanned manually.

  • Quick Scan - A ‘clever’ scan that looks in the download directory for shows to scan. It also scans missing episodes from the recent list.

  • Recent Scan – A scan that looks at all shows that have had an episode aired in the last few days. The number of days can be specified in the preferences.

  • Full Scan – Scans all shows that are set to be scanned.

Triggering Scans

These can be triggered in several ways:

  • On Startup

  • Via Command Line

  • Periodic (Automated)

  • When download/search folder/file changes

  • Manually

Further Information

Future Ideas

  • To incorporate a ‘Bulk add’ as part of the scan and use the new ‘Quick Add’ Dialog to quickly add missing shows.