The General Tab

Preferences - the General tab “X” days count as recent specifies how many recent days are listed for the for “Aired in the last N days” section of the When to watch tab.

Default: 7 days

Double-click in When to Watch does: Controls the double-click action in the When to watch tab. Options are Search and Scan.

Default: Search

The Startup Tab: selects which tab you wish open when TV Rename loads. My Shows, Search or When to Watch.

Default: My Shows

The Show Notification Area and Show in Taskbar interact, one of them must be ticked. If you try to un-tick both the option you are changing clears, but the other one automatically sets.

If Show in Taskbar is selected TV Rename’s icon appears in the Windows taskbar.
If Show Notification Area is selected TV Rename’s icon appears in the System Tray. Right-clicking it will show an “Upcoming Shows” list, and double clicking restores the main window.
Both boxes can be ticked, in which case you get both functionalities.

Defaults: “Show Notification Area” Un-ticked
  “Show in Taskbar” Ticked

Show episode pictures in episode guides Does what-it-says-on-the-tin, if ticked screen grabs from show episodes are displayed with the episode description in the My Shows tab. If un-ticked only the episode description is displayed.

Default: Ticked

Hide Spoilers in My Shows hides the display of summaries of yet to be broadcast episodes (with a suitable message) in the My Shows tab

Default: Un-ticked

Hide Spoilers in When To Watch hides the display of summaries of yet to be broadcast episodes (with a suitable message) in the When to watch tab

Default: Un-ticked

Download up to “X” shows simultaneously from The TVDB sets the number of concurrent connections to TheTVDB API. It can be set in the range to 1 to 8.

Default: 4

Refresh entire series if “X” % of episodes are updated sets the point at which TV Rename refreshes the entire series data from The TVDB rather than just the episode data. This speeds up local data updates if major changes are made to a show on The TVDB.

Default: 20%

Automatically select show and season in My Shows If ticked this works for both the When to watch and Scan tabs. If an item is selected in either of these tabs the My Shows tab is automatically updated to highlight the indicated show and season.

Default: Ticked

Look for air date in filenames If ticked this provides a second method of identifying show episodes by looking for a date (in a number of formats) in the shows filename and comparing that against the air-date.

The supported date formats are:

“yyyy-MM-dd”, “dd-MM-yyyy”, “MM-dd-yyyy”, “yy-MM-dd”, “dd-MM-yy” and “MM-dd-yy”

And the “date separators” can be any of: - / . , “ “ (a space)

Default: Un-ticked

The Preferred language: drop-down sets the language for returned data when requesting information from TheTVDB API. TV Rename will request “English” If the selected language is not available.

The Mode: drop-down allows you to preview functionality that is being worked on but not yet ready for the mainstream releases. The options available are “Production” and “Beta”.

In Production mode the application looks and behaves as normal.

In Beta mode a new menu called Beta appears between Tools and Help which gives you access to preview upcoming additions and enhancements.

Default: Production