The Command Line

A number of TV Rename’s functions can be accessed using the command line. If TV Rename is already running any CLI activity will be directed towards the running instance.

Main Options


Tell TV Rename to run a full scan.


Tell TV Rename to run a recent scan.


Tell TV Rename to run a quick scan.


Tell TV Rename execute all the actions it can (User needs to specify which scan type is required otherwise there will be no actions to complete - choose from above scan options on the command line).


Tell a hidden TV Rename session to exit.

Hidden Behaviour


Hides the User Interface and associated message boxes from view.
Defaults to not add missing folders (providing “/createmissing” is not set).
Exits once actions complete.


This option means that the main UI is shown, but does not put up any blocking UI elements that need hunman interaction. Mainly this means that error and warning are just recorded in the log and the user does not get a message box notification.

Override Options


Creates folders if they are missing.


Ignore missing folders.


Allows a request to an existing TV Rename session to scan without renaming.

Settings Files


Recover will load a dialog box that enables the user to recover a prior TVDB.xml or TVRenameSettings.xml file. (Normally this dialog would only appear if the current settings are corrupted.)


Sets a custom folder path for the settings files.