The Tools Menu Here you can find tools to update, manipulate and annihilate the data relating to your media library and The TVDB cache.

Force Refresh All

Force Refresh All If TV Rename’s representation of your media library is a mess then this is probably the tool for you.

After selecting the option from the menu you are presented with the alert window (shown).

READ IT CAREFULLY AND PAY ATTENTION. If you click Yes there’s no going back, all the locally stored information in TheTVDB’s cache will be DELETED.

Background Download Now

Background Download Now forces an update from The TVDB to be downloaded. If Options>Offline Operation is enabled you will be asked if you wish to “Ignore offline mode and download anyway” (Yes/No), if you select Yes the update will start.

Bulk Add Shows

The Tools>Bulk Add Shows window This is where you tell TV Rename about the location(s) of your media library. Additionally you can check these locations for new folders unknown to TV Rename and quickly scan and add them to the My Shows tab.

Before using this tool, check that your preferred renaming style is set in Options>Filename Template Editor.

Add (or Drag-and-Drop) folders to the Folders: tab. Click the Check >> button, and TV Rename will recursively search through the new folders looking for new TV shows. Once this is complete, if anything new is found, the Scan Results tab will appear populated with the paths to any newly found shows, it will also identify the folder structure of the show (“Flat” - everything in one folder or “Folder per season”).

The system inspects each folder and if it contains any sub-folders that look like they are a season it assumes that they are structured in separate folders per season. TV Rename looks for any folders that start with any of the ‘season words’ entered in the preferences, with the default season word (again entered in preferences) and (if configured) any of the words used as season folder names for any of the shows in your library. The preferences for this function are specified here and here. The system only considers a season folder to be a season folder if it follows the pattern ‘ nnnn'. The space between is optional and the number can be any length.

Click the Auto ID All button and TV Rename will try and identify the newly found shows using cached data from The TVDB . If the show is found the “Show” and “thetvdb code” columns will be populated. If a show isn’t being matched or is incorrectly identified highlight the row in question and use the Edit button to perform a manual search of, and for a more in-depth interrogation you can use the Visit TVDB button which will launch a web browser targeting the shows page or Open Folder which will open the selected folder in Windows Explorer.

Clicking Remove will remove the highlighted row from the New Shows list, however it will be re-detected in the next run of “Auto ID All”.

Clicking Ignore will add the folder to the list in the Ignore tab and it will be ignored is subsequent scans.

Note: A “glitch” in the design of the Ignore tab means there is currently no obvious way to remove a folder from this list. The designers are aware of the problem and it will be fixed in the next release. Until then if you have a folder “stuck” in here that you want to be part of the library again, ask in the Main Forum and someone will help you fix it.

Actors Grid

This tool is in Beta and subject to change…

Really like that actor in “Such-and-such”? Sure they are in other shows in your media library? This is the tool to tell you!

Among the meta-data that The TVDB collects (and you import) is information about actors, they may be a shows “core characters” or “guest stars” but the data is available for every episode of every season of every show on The TVDB (If it’s not or you know better please visit their site, log in and fix it - it’s to everyone’s benefit.

Think of a spreadsheet, with actors names along the top (and a total at the end) and show names down the side (and a total at the bottom), now make it totally dynamic and fill the matching actor/show cells in green…

The Actors Grid

The data can be manipulated further: along the bottom of the window are an “Include Guest Stars” tick box, “Sort:” radio buttons and Save and Close buttons.

Ticking the “Include Guest Stars” box will expand the grid further to include guest stars of the shows (in light green). Sorting on “Name” will re-arrange the data alphabetically by actor name and by show name. Clicking on “Totals” will place the show with the most actors at the top of the list and the actor in the most shows to the left of the list.

Custom is automatically selected if you click on an actors or shows name.

If you click on an actors name they will be moved to the left of the grid with all the shows they appear in at the top.

Similarly, clicking on a show name will move it to the top of the grid with all the actors that appear in it moved to the left.

Clicking Save will save the entire grid as a “Portable Network Graphic” (.png) file to a path of your choosing.

The Actors Grid has one more trick up its sleeve. If you click on one of the green cells your web browser will launch targeting the actor whose column the green cell is in at the “Internet Move Database” (

Torrent Match

This tool is in Beta and subject to change…

The “Torrent Match” tab lets you rename files, so their names match what is in a .torrent file. This is done using the torrent hashes, so it will work on any type of file, as long as it is big enough for a partial hash to be completed.

Choose the .torrent file, and folder of files to rename. If you choose a “Copy To” location, the files will be copied to their new names, leaving the originals intact. If it is off, then they will be renamed in place.

Currently, TVRename can only process single file torrents, and multi-file torrents without sub folders in them.

After clicking “Go”, the torrent file will be processed. This can take a while if the torrent file has a lot of items in it, or there are a lot of potential matches in the “Folder” you have selected.

If processing is successful, you will be taken to the rename or finding and organising tab, to see the suggested operations. Your files will only be modified if you click “Rename” or “Move/Copy” from there.

It’s not possible to rename the files in (a multiple file) torrent, to match what you have on disk. Changing the names affects the hash, which makes it a different torrent from the tracker’s point of view. Because of this, TVRename renames the files on disk instead.

Torrent Save To

This tool is in Beta and has not yet been documented…

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Statistics... Aside from the usual instructions the “Help” menu is hiding one really useful function - Statistics.

This statistics illustration (left) was created just two weeks after a fresh install of TV Rename was carried out (so work on updating the documentation could begin with a clean setup).

It’s surprising just how much work TV Rename does “managing some videos”.